myanmar mapPraise the Lord for the Lord’s Recovery has reached to Myanmar, which is situated in south-east Asia.


Early Period

One brother got saved by the pamphlet in 1984. After he got saved, he was consecrated himself for the spreading of the gospel. Because of his heart for the gospel, he was quit from his Government Service and became free evangelist for preaching the gospel in Myanmar. In 1987 he traveled to east part of Myanmar for the gospel, and he reached to “Hwe Yong Village”, which was nearby Tachileik Town (border area near Thailand). By the gospel preaching, quite a number of villagers were turn to Christ from animist worshipping. Actually, most of free evangelists were never considered about the church, and did not want to take the burden for the church. So as a free evangelist, the brother had no intention to establish the church there.

But because of the need to take care of the new believers, he consecrated himself again to remain there for at least two or three years. Due to this, he decided to establish the church there, so he tried to find how to give the name of the church. By the Lord’s sovereign arrangement, at that time he received two books. One was booklet called “the Ground of the Church” written by Witness Lee, and another one was book called “the Normal Christian Church Life” written by Watchman Nee. From that two books, he saw the vision concerning the ground of the church, and also realized in the booklet there is “the church in Los Angeles” in USA and it is according to the Bible. So in 1987, he established the church there with all the believers, and stand as “the Church in Hwe Yong Village”.
In 1988, the brothers from the Church in Bangkok visited to him and invited him to attend the training at “the Church in Bangkok”. So the brother attended the training there for five months in that year.
In 1990, “the Church in Kyaing Tong” was established, which is located at the east part of Myanmar. In 1991, “the Church in Pyin Oo Lwin” was established, which was situated at the center part of Myanmar.

Further Call Out by the Lord

While the brother attended the training in Bangkok, some young people from Malaysia visited to them and encouraged them. At that time, one young brother from Malaysia gave Recovery Version as a present to the brother and told him that there is full-time training in Penang, Malaysia, and it is taught by English language. It was the English Recovery Version that the brother saw, received, and owned by him in his whole life at the first time. From that time on, the brother had a heart to learn English language to read the Recovery Version, and also had a dream to attend full-time training, which is taught by English language. In 1993 the brother received invitation letter from Malaysia to come for the full-time training there. So he attended full-time training at Penang, Malaysia in 1993. And in the same year, while he was there, he applied permission to Living Stream Ministry and received permission from LSM to translate all ministry books into Myanmar language. The brother was able to attend the training only three months in Malaysia because of visa problem.

Turning Point

While the brother attended the training at Malaysia, just before he came back to Myanmar, the saints from New Zealand visited to Malaysia and that was the first time the brother saw the Caucasians saints in the Lord’s recovery, and he was amazed. One brother from New Zealand called him and fellowshipped, encouraged him and said, “if you cannot continue the training here in Malaysia because of visa problem, how about you come and continue the training at New Zealand. Because if you apply student visa in New Zealand, the New Zealand government can grant student visa for one year”.
Early in 1994 the brother applied student visa and attended the training at the New Zealand. After the brother finished one semester in the training, he had to come back to Myanmar because of the urgent need to take care of the churches in Myanmar.

The Advance of the ministry

While the brother was in New Zealand, he became to know all problems that happened in the Lord’s recovery through reading the books issued by LSM. Before that he knew nothing about all these things. So the brother looked back to his past experiences, he realized how the Lord preserved him, lead him, and called him for the Lord’s recovery in Myanmar. In 1994, after the brother came back to Myanmar, he had a burden to start the church in Yangon, which was the capital city in Myanmar. So in that same year, his family moved to Yangon and laboring there day and night to gain the seeking ones for the testimony.
The Lord opened the way to have Bible study with a group of believers and most of them were young people. The Lord has captured them, and the lampstand was raised up in Yangon in 1994.

Myanmar Gospel Book Room

Through the brother’s faithful laboring, the Lord blessed him with young co-workers in the ministry for the Lord’s recovery. In 1995, together with those young co-workers, the Lord blessed Myanmar with literature works and established “Myanmar Gospel Book Room” to translate all the truths that released from Living Stream Ministry. Because of the serving ones’ laboring for the translation work in Myanmar Gospel Book Room, all the riches of the truths were translated into Myanmar language and all were explored and spread to the whole country. Mainly by the literature works, many people came to the church life, and the Lord raised up many local churches at the west part, east part, north part, middle part, and south part in Myanmar for His testimonies. Recently, there are 47 local churches in Myanmar. The total numbers of the saints are estimate 2400. The translation section already published the Recovery Version into Myanmar language since 2009. Recently, in the translation section, serving ones are working on Recovery Version (OT), Life-study, Holy Words for Morning Revival, and other ministry books into Myanmar language.